the learning never ends

In 300+ births, from the mothers in their early teens to those in perimenopause, the whoops babies and the long awaited miracles, no two families have ever been the same; I continue to learn from every single one that I am privileged enough to doula for.

Some are completely zen and well-supported, others feel they’ll have a challenge to keep ownership of their experience. I’ve worked with many families who have struggled with anxiety, had a history of abuse or were considered high-risk for a whole multitude of reasons.

I have been a doula for mothers who chose unmedicated births and those who were glad to have the drugs; who awaited spontaneous labour (up to 44+ weeks), and those who opted for an induction or caesarean.

I have spoken with some of the world’s leading experts on the childbearing year, observed many different cultures and traditions, and found myself on a variety of courses. Yet despite my insatiable curiosity and continued effort to develop my understanding, I find that I am still very much a be-er rather than a do-er and I am proud to say that I am ‘just’ a doula.

In addition to home births I have experience supporting families in the following maternity units: Barkantine, Barnet, Chelsea & Westminster, Edgware, Homerton, Lewisham, North Middlesex, Northwick Park, Queen Charlotte’s, Royal Free, Royal London, St. Mary’s, St. Thomas’, UCH, West Middlesex, Whittington; and of course the list wouldn’t be complete without the mentioning of a car park!

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