birth and baby prep

shit happens (literally) and I’m not afraid to talk about it

These private birth and baby preparation sessions take place in your home (or via zoom), at a time that suits you. No need to book time off work, skip dinner, travel home late in the evenings, or try and cram everything in to one intense weekend of information.

They can compliment any group classes you might decide to book (which have the benefit of linking you up with other local parents), but conversely are uniquely tailored to your personal circumstances and interests. You get a judgement-free space to speak openly and intimately about any thoughts, feelings or concerns, and an opportunity to ask any questions that you might otherwise feel too embarrassed to ask.

As a foundation, these sessions will be to: cover your expectations and preferences; give you a basic understanding of birth physiology so you know how to create an optimum birthing environment and be a supportive partner; discuss the labour and birth process i.e. what happens when / signs and timings; and know how to make informed decisions that are right for you – even if circumstances change.

In addition to this we can discuss in more detail: any medical interventions such as induction, epidurals, instrumental birth, caesarean birth; newborn care, including breastfeeding (positioning, attachment, frequency); and looking after yourselves in the early days and weeks.

And for those really wanting to delve in, around birth or parenting, we can explore any fears you may have, where those fears stem from and how to conquer them. Plus any pressures or expectations you might be feeling from friends, family, colleagues, society or each other. As always the goal is to get you to a place where you feel positive and confident about your path ahead.

As you can imagine the number of sessions required can vary greatly depending on wants and circumstances so will have to be discussed on an individual basis. I am also happy (providing I still have availability) to add in additional sessions when needed.

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